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How your company can grow by using ecommerce as a tool


What does this exactly mean? It's a broad concept. We mainly focus on webshops and providing advice in this area. There are still many companies that are not harnessing the opportunities they can achieve online. To assist with this, we can offer free advice on how to get started.

How do we approach this?

When you want to venture into the online world, you'll realize that it's not simple, and you might think you need a customized solution. After all, every company operates differently. However, in most cases, this leads to high costs and an incomplete product.

Our tip is to find a platform that aligns with about 60% of your business processes. You might think you need customization for the rest, but we often find it's better for the company to adapt to the system rather than the other way around. This often provides the company with different insights, and the features they use turn out to be even easier and better than they initially expected.

Experiences with Tools

In this section, we'll explain which tools you can use to set up and maintain your webshop more easily and efficiently.

CMS (Content Management System)

Of course, a CMS is essential. You want an easy way to create pages or write a blog to improve your SEO. We can also guide you in making the right choices in this regard. You often hear about WordPress, but it might not be suitable for your situation. Are you curious about our recommendations? Fill out the form below, and we'll schedule a no-obligation conversation.

PIM System (Product Information Management)

A PIM system, as the name suggests, is a system for managing your product information. This specifically pertains to the cold data of your products. The difference between warm and cold data is that warm data needs to be updated almost immediately on your website. This can include your inventory, prices, and even your promotions. Of course, the rest of the data, also known as cold data, is essential as well, but it doesn't matter as much whether it changes on the webshop today or tomorrow.

ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning)

An ERP system is commonly used in many industries as a data repository. It's usually where all the company's data is stored. We prefer to use an ERP system solely for prices and other economic data you want to store. This can include metrics like the number of sales, average order value, and more.

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